Replacement Battery HSTNN-LB6V for HP 240 G4 -245 G4 -250 G4 -255 G4- Pavilion 14 – Black


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  • Battery Type: Li-ion, Cells: 4-cell, Voltage: 14.6V.Capacity: 2600mAh;
  • Battery condition:Brand New,
  • Fit for HP

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Product Description

This high quality replacement HP HSTNN-LB6V laptop battery is designed with the highest control standards; have internal circuit boards with smart chips ( Cell imbalance shut off protection, Thermal runaway protection, Overcharge shut off protection, Over discharge shut off protection, High/low temperature shut off protection ), and are made from eco-friendly materials without lead or mercury. Every replacement HP laptop battery has Certified by CE, UL, ROHS, ISO9001/9002 and has passed through strict safety tests. Long lasting, this extended 4 cells replacement HP HSTNN-LB6V battery can be charged/discharged for more than 600-800 cycles.
Fits the Following Models:
Hp Notebook 14, Hp Notebook 14q, Hp Notebook 14g, Hp Notebook 15, Hp Notebook 15q, Hp Notebook 15g, Hp 240 G4 Notebook PC, Hp 246 G4 Notebook PC, Hp 250 G4 Notebook PC, Hp 255 G4 Notebook PC, Hp 256 G4 Notebook PC, Hp 14g-ad004tx, Hp 14q-aj001TX, Hp 14q-aj002TX, Hp 14q-aj003TX, Hp 15-AC011NS, Hp 15-AC614TX, Hp 15g-ad001tx(M9U77PA), Hp 15g-ad002tx(M9U78PA), Hp 15g-ad003tx(M9U79PA), Hp 15g-ad005tx(M9U81PA), Hp 15g-ad006tx(M9U82PA), Hp 15g-ad007tx(N1W22PA), Hp 15q-aj006TX, Hp 15q-aj102tx(P6M11PA), Hp 15Q-AJ103TX(P6M67PA), Hp 15Q-AJ104TX(P6M68PA), Hp 15Q-AJ105TX(P6M69PA), Hp 240 G4 (N3S52PT), Hp 240 G4 (N3S54PT), Hp 240 G4 (T9H20PA), Hp 240 G4 Series, Hp 245 G4 Series, Hp 246 G4 Series, Hp 250 G4 (N3S51PT), Hp 250 G4 (T3Y87PA), Hp 250 G4 (T6T64PT), Hp 250 G4 Series, Hp 255 G4 Series, Hp 256 G4 Series, Hp 14-ac018tx (M9V45PA), Hp 14-ac025tx (M9V87PA), Hp 14-ac030tx (N4F49PA), Hp 14-ac032tu (M9V37PA), Hp 14-ac059tu (N1W35PA), Hp 14-ac066tu (N4G16PA), Hp 14-ac116tx (P3D46PA), Hp 14-ac135tx (T5Q98PA), Hp 14-ac141tu (P3D47PA), Hp 14-ac142tu (P3D48PA), Hp 14-af004ax (N4G28PA), Hp 14-af103ax (P3D49PA), Hp 14-af106au (P3D50PA), Hp 14-af107au (P3U44PA), Hp 15-ac009tx (M4Y85PA), Hp 15-ac012tu (M4Y86PA), Hp 15-ac023tx (M9U76PA), Hp 15-ac054tx (M9V86PA), Hp 15-ac055tx (M9V88PA), Hp 15-ac085tx (T0Y38PA), Hp 15-ac113tx (N8M07PA), Hp 15-ac114tx (N8M08PA), Hp 15-ac115tx (N8M10PA), Hp 15-ac116tu (N8M09PA), Hp 15-af116au (P3U45PA), Hp 15-af117au (P3U46PA), Hp Notebook 14 Series, Hp Notebook 14g Series, Hp Notebook 15 Series, Hp Notebook 15g Series, Hp Pavilion 14 Series, Hp Pavilion 14g Series, Hp Pavilion 15 Series, Hp Pavilion 15-ac121dx, Hp Pavilion 15g Series