AC Adapter Charger for ASUS X55A-BCL092A X55A-RBK2 X55A-RBK4 Laptop PC19V 3.42A 65W


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Quick Overview

  • Genuine Asus X55A laptop charger 65w specification:
  • Power input AC: 100-240v
  • Power output DC: 19v 3.42a
  • Power: 65w
  • Tip pin size: 5.5mm * 2.5mm
  • Asus X55A charger p/n: Sadp-65kb / pa-1650-02
  • Contents: Genuine Asus laptop charger
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Product Description

This Asus X55A charger fits a wide range of S series notebooks as well as many of Asus laptop range, just check underneath your laptop for input rating as this should state 19v 3.42a and would mean this is the power charger you need.